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I love coffee. I swig the stuff like a sailor does whisky.  I take pictures of a perfect cappuccino when it sits before me, snuggled in its saucer and accompanying spoon. The perfect cappuccino makes my day. I have a part time job writing for local magazines here in my little corner of the world where I live, aka Boise, Idaho. Often the stories I pitch are about local coffee shops. When friends travel to places I’ve been, I give them the ‘you must try this coffee shop’ list.

So, I thought to myself, “self, wouldn’t it be fun to have a little blog about all the coffee shops I love, and the drinks I’ve tried and such?” My self thought it was a fun idea, because we are worried about exposing our regular blog readers to too much contemplation about coffee. But a place just for coffee, just for the talking about coffee.

Yes please.

So welcome, to the coffee chronicles.