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The Village at MeridianOkay, we have this fairly new place here, I will refer to it as Boise, though it is right on the outskirts in the city of Meridian, called The Village. It reminds me of California in the opulence, the pretention, and the facade it puts on. Fountain

I love it.

Oh it’s a fun destination too. Shops, restaurants, movies and fountain all located in the same walking space.

In the winter months, every outdoor seating area has ample heating which makes it such a cool place to cozy up with friends.

Village coffee Several places serve coffee, but there is only one coffee place called appropriately, Village Coffee. Village coffee 2

It is family owned, it is nice to look at. The coffee is good, a little better than Starbucks, but not the best I’ve ever had. A friend of mine tried the Cappuccino as I was reluctant to, the smallest size they have is 12oz.

This is where my cappuccino snobbery comes into play. I believe they should not be more than 8oz big. It’s a belief that comes from falling in love with the cappuccino in Italy. You miVillage coffee latteght like one bigger, that’s fine. This is just my humble opinion.

I got a vanilla Late, my other go to drink when I don’t order a capu.

The coffee does it’s job. It didn’t make me close my eyes in the wonder of it. But I was happy with what I got.Village view

The thing that makes the coffee spectacular though, is the location and the view you have once you sit down.

Village fountainThe Village has a very large fountain with water shows every hour on the hour. And seating all the way around.

There is a playground near by, not distracting for other patrons who don’t have kids, but cool enough that moms can enjoy their time visiting with a friend over a nice cup of coffee while the kids are entertained.