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drive to mccallDrive a little over 100 miles north of Boise, Idaho you’ll find yourself winding your way through a two lane mountain road,surrounded by pine tree lined hills, following the gorgeous Payette River. It’s a drive that creates an urge to listen to Mozart, I think Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.20140510_113337

At the end of the drive, you arrive in one of my favorite places, McCall, Idaho. A little mountain town built around the Payette lake.

The heat has been oppressive in my little corner of the world lately. So in order to escape it, we headed for the hills.

Foglifter cafeThis morning I find myself sitting at the Fogglifter Café in McCall, Idaho. A small shop just a hop skip and jump from the shores of Payette Lake. It’s early, 6:15, and I’m glad for being up so early. The cruel heat that has been soaking the crazy into my skin has dissipated with the breeze and 60 degrees that I’m met with. Though, it’s heating up fast.

Honeymoon0112 (2)McCall is a tourist town, always busy in the summer and winter months. There is skiing nearby and the lake provides any number of water sports. Sunburnt mountain bikers, boaters, and swimmers can be viewed at any of the numerous stores throughout town. In the mountainous marina you’ll find a motley decoration of boats that add a colorful rainbow to the blue waters, rocking up and down with the slight movement of the lake.

I take a deep breath and am assaulted by the scent of pine; that alone makes my heart rate slow. I like the Fogglifter Café. It is yet another example of our worlds growing coffee culture.

When I first started coming up here 17 years ago, the only coffee shop was called Moxie Java. Today, there are about 6 coffee shops in town. There might be more, but my favorite has become the Fogglifter. They serve all the usual coffee accoutrements and offer light breakfast fare as well as lunch. You order everything at the counter, and as this isn’t McDonalds, it takes a little time to get your food, but still they are fast. The staff is friendly and the café itself is cozy modern meets a bit of rustic trend. If that is a thing.

In the winter the space fills up quickly, but for spring, summer, fall there is plenty of lovely patio seating. And this early in the morning, seating isn’t an issue.

20150630_073535I order a small cappuccino, and it’s a little heavy on the foam side, but not bad over all. That wasn’t enough coffee though, I wanted an excuse to sit for a while longer before the world woke up and assaulted me with heat once more. So I ordered a vanilla latte, and that was glorious. Maybe it was the scent of pine in the air, the relaxing of my bones, or just being in one of my favorite places. Either way, ambiance, location, staff, coffee, and offerings make the Fogglifter Café perfection and a must choice if you are in McCall.

And on a side note, it gave me the fuel I needed for the dreamy canoe trip we took.