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You are probably asking yourself, dear reader, what do I drink when I’m at home?

Or maybe you aren’t thinking that, but still, I’m going to tell you.

I do like coffee, I fluctuate between several different blends. There are days when a quick cup of piping hot coffee to accompany the coming day is necessary. I also like a “Grande Vanilla Latte” that makes the needy, instant gratification monster in me very very happy.

However you like your coffee, that’s awesome. I don’t think there is a right or wrong way.

Well, I do think there is a right way when it comes to the cappuccino, otherwise why do I have this little blog?

Personally, I am just in love with the cappuccino, the European cappuccino. Because you see I do think there is a difference between the American cappuccino and the European ones. One of my theories is that it has to do with transportation.

Stick with me here.

Unless you live in a city where public transportation reigns supreme, you need a car to get to and from everywhere here in the States. I lived by bus for several years in my little corner of the world and it was difficult, do-able, but difficult. Still, other than San Francisco and New York, we’ve got nothing on the public transportation of the Europeans.

I’ve never gotten around a country so quickly, so efficiently, and so on time than I did when I was in Europe. And all that mass public transportation led to a lot of walking. So it was very easy to jump into a café, order a cappuccino, drink it in a few sips and be back out on the street in a few minutes.

Here in the States, we have a bit more ground to cover, and mostly, we have the room for everyone to have a car.  So we have drive-thru coffee shops with a different kind of ritual offered.

They are both wonderful experiences. They both have a different rhythm. And trust me, you can long for both sides of the fence.

While I long to be once again breathing in Italian air and sipping my capu, my sister (who lives in Florence) longs for a drive-thru, a blended, iced, 20oz. concoction.

But what do I drink in the mornings, in my little corner of the world?

back yard capu

Good Morning!

Well, a homemade cappuccino of course.