20150723_111607So it was bound to happen, I had my first truly horrible cappuccino since starting this blog.

*insert disappointed sigh here.

I went to Papa Joe’s here in Boise, a place I used to go regularly five years ago. Apparently a lot can chance in five years. The café side of the restaurant always reminded me of stepping into a bar in France or Italy, the kind Hemingway might be found writing in.

20150723_111625The café has more of a bar vibe now. All the tables are tall with stools, the intimate café is now a bit more open and personally, uninviting feeling.

Upon my order, the nice barista asked me if I wanted my cappuccino ‘wet or dry’.

I tend to hate this question because honestly, I don’t know what their definition of wet or dry is, and it probably varies from person to person. I actually told her I would like it right in the middle, a little wet a little dry.

Said capu was delivered without flare in an 8oz cup; that was a good start. However it tasted like it was about 4 shots of espresso topped with foam.20150723_110813

I must admit I took two sips, did not finish my drink and left because I found an awkward place to sit around the corner in the restaurant side, the only two tables left in the café were in the middle of the room, and I didn’t want to sit in a fish bowl.

I really wanted to like this, I just didn’t. I’m sure the lattes are good and the coffee, but it’s not the same as it was a few years ago. They still have great food, but apparently, the coffee side isn’t want it used to be.

This experience put me in mind of a few things. First, my little blog here is the exploration of the perfect cappuccino. When I say that, my comparison is the Italian cappuccino, the kind you get at every café on every corner of that country.

So I think I have found my first rule of thumb: If someone asks me if I want my cappuccino ‘wet or dry’, then that’s not a place for me to get a capu. And at the same time, it is an interesting question, one that is truly American. It shows our own evolutionary way of thinking about the Cappuccino and that’s great, it might work for some folks, it just doesn’t for my intents and purposes.