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This is a Capuchin Monk. An offshoot of the Franciscan order that began in 1525.Capuchins-4

This is a capuchin monkey. You know, Night at The Museum?capuchin-monkey

This is a cappuccino.IMG_1108

And yes, all three are connected.

Now, according to the folklore: The name of the priesthood came from the habit they wore, a cappucio. It was a simple brown habit that included a distinctive pointed hood.Capuchin-Friars-Minor

It was shortly after this time, that the Capuchin monkey was discovered and named after the Capuchin monks because of their white faces and dark brown robes.

The habit that the Capuchin monks wore were known for their rather large hoods, these long pointed cowl looking things. So people in Italy used to make fun of the monk’s “little” hoods. Thus “little capuchin” become cappuccino in Italian.

The mid-1900s a drink of espresso topped with steamed milk was named after the capuchin friars not only for its color, but because by then, cappuccino had become a nickname that means ‘little cap’. And it was a little cap of foam that was placed atop this drink. Also, when poured correctly, the outer edges of the cappuccino has the ring of dark espresso with a white center, resembling perhaps the top of a monks head. That’s why a traditionally poured cappuccino is actually called: a monk’s head.CYMERA_20130725_220114

So there it is, in its simplicity. A very short history lesson to accompany your day and possibly, your cappuccino.