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20150810_194937I’m writing this entry on my phone. In a tent. While camping.

Ain’t technology grand?

I believe in unplugging when camping, but for this few minutes, I needed to share. This morning, I had perhaps the best cappuccino I’ve had in a while. Maybe it was the pine trees. Maybe the cool weather finally easing the built up heat of the summer.  Perhaps it was the view of the lake. Either way, I wanted to say, if you can swing it, a hot cup of coffee on a cool mountain morning is awesome. A hot cappuccino on a cool mountain morning…well….

My preferred tools

My preferred tools


Stove top espresso maker $8.99

Heating the milk

Heating the milk

Foaming the milk

I foam the milk in my French press

Now we're Glamping

Now we’re Glamping


Good morning!