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20150822_082814District Coffee House, I’m yours.

Over the weekend I finally made my way to the District Coffee House in downtown Boise. On the corner of Bannock and 10th, in an old shop with floor to ceiling windows, is where you’ll find the District.

20150822_083607I went early, 8:30 on a Saturday. There were several patrons already plugged in, sitting spaced among the bohemian décor. A small stage sits to the left of the entrance, two areas with sofas for casual conversing, and a hand full of tables fill in the gaps. Outside there is plenty of patio seating, and since the District isn’t on a busy main street, the traffic noise didn’t seem to be an issue. 20150822_083611

The walls are decorated sparsely, but if you look carefully on the wall above the stage area, you’ll see pictures of kids from all over the world. That’s because the District Coffee House is pretty damn special. They are a non-profit that helps support an organization called Send Hope.

“Through Send Hope we are able to help financially support and raise awareness for hundreds of orphans in twelve different orphanages across India. Through your coffee purchases you are helping to provide food, a safe home, education, health care and love for these beautiful children.”

District Coffee HouseI bought this awesome to go cup that helps provide water to a family in need. Isn’t that cool? That the simple task of drinking coffee can make a difference? If you are a skeptic, there is actually a website where I could go to register my cup and then in a few months, I could get updated on what my purchase did to help.

The District staff is upbeat, happy to help and fast.

The coffee menu was simple, elegant. They offer limited pastries, coffee cakes, breads, croissants, and cookies. I had a slice of the coffee cake. Then it was time to order my cappuccino. They have one size. Good start. No one asked me if I wanted it wet or dry, a better start. The only question was if my drink was to go or for staying. The price was decent, $2.40 for an 8oz cappuccino.20150822_082954

I sat down and it was delivered to me within moments. In a cup with a saucer. The foam delicate and not overbearing. Now was the true test. A sip…that’s the stuff. Creamy, hot, the right hit of espresso mingling with creamy milk. The folks as the District Coffee House know what they’re about.20150822_083451

As I left, the place had begun to fill up, most of the tables outside were taken as well as all of the sofa seating areas. There is a sense of community in the air at the district, which is evident in the way the barista greeted regular customers, the large bulliten board in the back crowded with motley community notices. And by the register, a list of all the events happening at the District. The musical guests that play at the District are as eclectic as the place itself. And it seems, at least for the next month, every Friday and Saturday nights, you’ll find live music.20150822_083511[1]

I must say, I hope the District Coffee House will be seeing more of me. I just found out they have a happy hour from 4-6pm every day. Need to try that out too.

Look, either way you slice it. The coffee was gquite good. The parking wasn’t a struggle. The ambiance was decent. But what the folks at the District are supporting through their coffee sales…pretty special in my book.20150822_083517