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20150824_115636Full Steam Bistro, a steampunk theme cafe is the newest addition to the coffee culture of Boise.

Located on Park Blvd. it’s on the first floor of the new 951 building. It’s a unique location and Full Steam is the neighborhood coffee shop that will define urban living to be sure.

The coffee shop was not very busy, but they are in the first month of being open. You can tell they are working out all the bugs, but a lot of thought has gone into the details of the shop. The steampunk theme shines through wonderfully. It’s a nice blend of comfort, early 19th century café and a hint of industrial that makes it steampunk.20150824_102648

20150824_102637The thought didn’t stop at the décor. The shops serves baked goods from Gaston’s, local beer and wine, and their coffee is by Caffè Umbria. A coffee roasted in Seattle by a family that has been roasting coffee for generations, staring with the great grandfather who roasted coffee in Perugia, Italy.20150824_115600

I ordered my cappuccino and there was no question of ‘wet or dry’. Good start in my book. They do however only offer a cappuccino in 12, 16 and 20 ounces. If you’ve read any of my other blog entries, you know that I believe anything bigger than an 8 ounce doesn’t qualify in my humble book as a cappuccino. It’s a latte then with foam.

Remember, I am a purveyor of the Italian cappuccino, and this is my search for said concoction in my little corner of the world.20150824_102828

I ordered the small, it was delivered in a to-go cup. I’m not sure if Full Steam has cups to stay. It was also served with a lid on a plate and a dark chocolate. It was a decent cappuccino, but I must admit, the coffee shone through. It was a gorgeous espresso. Can coffee be gorgeous? Hmmmm.20150824_102837

I can see why the folks at Full Steam use Caffè Umbria. It’s simply lovely. Bold and creamy.20150824_112459

There is outside seating at the bistro, they offer a beer and wine menu and it’s nice to have a café in that area of the town where you can grab a coffee with a friend or a glass of wine and unwind.

I must admit, personally, the jury is still out on this new bistro. I have great hopes for them because I can see the void they are filling where they are located. Also, just below the surface is the apparent support the folks at Full Steam have for local artists. I always love that.

20150824_103251Here are some cups a local artist decorated, her name is Roxy, if you want more information on her, stop by Full STeam Bistro.

Such a great idea, cool décor and a feel good atmosphere.