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20150903_192809I would like to talk about Pizza. Of course it has nothing to do with the cappuccino, but in this instance, I promise at some point we’ll talk about cappuccinos. It’s kind of like going to lunch with a colleague from the work place, talking about said work for two minutes and saying, okay now we can write this lunch off.


Tony’s Pizzeria Teatro is located in Downtown Boise in a very small store in the side of the Egyptian Theater a hop skip and a jump from the Capital.20150907_101620

I’ve driven past Tony’s many times, looked in the windows on the weekends and seen the standing room only. With only about six or seven tables inside, and several outside, it seemed charming.20150907_101535

It wasn’t until a friend mentioned that if I wanted authentic Napoletana pizza, I should run, not walk, to Tony’s.

So I finally made it to Tony’s.

Holy crap!

I apologize for not having shadowed the front stoop of Tony’s from the moment he opened the doors of the restaurant until this moment.

The best nights to go are Monday – Wednesday. Thursday – Saturday you might have a wait to get a table. Though the wait would be worth it.

Tony’s blood runs red with pizza sauce. His father, grandfather and great grandfather all had pizzeria’s. His father had several in New York, his grandparents in Naples. He has a cousin who has a pizzeria in Florence and his bother owns Gino’s Italian Restaurant, also located here in town.

The pizza is as close as we’re going to get to something straight out of a kitchen in Naples. Tony imports the flour, mozzarella and tomatoes for his sauce. When he is able, he uses local produce that he hand picks himself. The prices are fair, right there with what Flatbread Pizza and others in the area charge.

The menu is small, nice variety of salads, antipasto, calzones and about 15 pizzas to choose from. Good beer and wine selection as well.

We talked about the difference in how Italians eat and Americans. About the processes American flour goes through and why he imports his. We talked about Naples and his childhood spent between two countries. In New York where after school he went to one of his father’s pizzeria’s and helped out. In Naples where he and his cousins would buy sandwiches with fresh flakey crusted bread, mouthwatering mozzarella, and various meats all accompanied by a Peroni.

Oh lord I was hungry by the time our glorious pizza was set before us.20150903_193622

One bite and it was eye rolling, moaning good. The crust was light, thin, perfection. The sauce didn’t overpower anything, but pulled out the flavors of the cheeses and other toppings. The freshness of the pizza was so very evident in each bite.20150903_192815

We were a table of five and once we had our pizza’s delivered, all conversation stopped and the only thing that was left was the silence of appreciation.20150903_192809

With a full belly and taste buds finally sated, I talked to Tony about the things he missed about Italy and what he loved about his job. He likes the space he works in, it is perfect for busy times and lean times. He doesn’t want to grow, just wants to produce a quality product, a positive experience for his customers, and a place where you feel welcome and like family. Well, I hope he wants his customers to feel like family, because I certainly did.

I told him what I missed the most were the cappuccinos and I’ve been searching for one to compete here in the states. He shrugged and told me I would never find the equal of an Italian cappuccino in the states. He asked if I knew why and while I did, I think part of me just didn’t want to completely admit it.

The pasteurization of milk in the States is very different from how they do it in Italy. And that simple process is what makes the difference.

Does that mean I’m going to throw in the towel and not continue to try every cappuccino I come across? Of course not. It is just another element of the American evolution of the Italian cappuccino.

After dinner, we dreamily made our way homes and I’m counting the hours until I head back to Tony’s for another pizza. Actually, I think dinner tonight might require a pizza Margherita.

Oh, and you can pick up orders to go as well. There’s parking right in front of the restaruant for that purpose.