20151015_131506Today we’re headed to Big City Coffee and Cafe


20151015_132943I love this place but I don’t always go as much as I’d like. You see, after 14 years, the folks at Big City’s greatest upside…well, it’s also their downside. Their coffee, homemade baked goods and food are so wonderful it is ALWAYS hopping inside the Big City.

20151015_131512Today we went at 2 in the afternoon, while the to go line never ceased, there was actually a place to sit!

20151015_132103There is a very communal feel to the whole place. Large farm tables are crowded into the space. This isn’t where you come to catch up in a quite environment with your friends while Enya plays, this is the place you come to laugh and talk loudly while slurping on an awesome cup-a and devouring one of the gigantically amazing homemade treats offered by the Big City folks.

20151015_131538Seriously, this place is busy for a reason, they are good. They offer breakfast. lunch, pastries and coffee 7 days a week. 6am to 6pm Monday – Saturday, 6-4 on Sundays.

20151015_131540As usual, I had to try the cappuccino. I was asked the dreaded question, “wet or dry” and I actually thought about changing my answer because I continue to find if someone asks me that question, they don’t make a very good capu.

I gave my answer, which I hope isn’t snarky, because seriously I don’t know HOW to answer that question. We are all different and the person behind the magic espresso machine has a very different definition of wet and dry than I do. So I smiled and said, “Right in between wet and dry.” I suppose.

Our Cherry Pie Scone arrived!  Holy frijoles and guacamole this thing was plate size. We decided to share it and I’m glad we did because we still took home leftovers of this monster.


Then came my capu, served Big City Style, the smallest size they offer is 12 ounce, but i appreciated the presentation. The first sip and there was the proper foam to espresso and milk ratio and I gotta say, the coffee they serve at Big City is out of this world.


A thumbs up all around.