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20150923_094724Goldy’s is a breakfast staple of Boise.

Want a great meal? Go to Goldy’s.

Want something that you can only find in Boise? Go to Goldy’s.

Want a whole lotta food in a kind of trendy, cute, cozy atmosphere? Go to Goldy’s.

Want the one place that has been voted Boise Best Breakfast like…every year in a row? Goldy’s.20150923_095614

Sadly though, I don’t go to Goldy’s a lot, mainly because when I want to go to breakfast, it’s Saturday or Sunday and Goldy’s is so popular, the wait on the weekend is anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. And because the space is so small at Goldy’s, waiting is done outside.


The folks at Goldy’s used to put a few pots of coffee out for their guests who were waiting, and eventually bought up some property so they could open a coffee shop for guest to wait, or for those who don’t want to wait and just want a quick little something.

I had some friends in town and we went to Goldy’s because it was a Tuesday, and it was early we thought we’d get in pretty quick. Only a five minute wait! Awesome.

I ordered a cappuccino, because that’s what I do.


It was a little on the big side, that cup was rather large, but still, it was pretty good. Not the best I’ve ever had, not the worst.

All in all, head to Goldy’s the food, stay for the food, and if you want to order a cappuccino, it won’t hurt you. But they do have a full espresso bar and their black coffee is Dawson Taylor, so you know it isn’t horrible.