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Ka’anapali Beach, Maui 2015

Maui in December is a good idea. I honestly didn’t know it was a good idea until I found myself sitting in a lounge chair looking out at the orange blue glow of a sunset as the sound of waves crashing on the shore drowned out any stressful thought that attempted to cross my mind.

I left my little corner of the world when 22 degrees was the daily high and landed in sunny Ka’anapali, Maui when it was 85 degrees.

Holy paradise!

I didn’t want to miss anything on my vacation, which is just how I am given any cool, once in a lifetime or new experience moment. I don’t want to miss anything. So I was up every morning between 4:45 and 5am!


Because during the one time in my life when I should be getting some well-deserved sleep, I didn’t want to miss anything.

I headed out of the room, quickly throwing on a tank top and shorts and joined the 5am morning crowd.

Who is up then? Well, there was the mother of a nine month old who was still on Oklahoma time. The mid-thirties man who hovered over his laptop talking to New York so he could get a few hours of work done before his vacation started. There were the folks at the Starbucks that was located on the property of the resort we were staying. There were runners with their headlamps and earphones pounding the boardwalk. There was the sound of the waves as they crashed upon the shore in the darkness. There were also employees of the various resorts, condos and hotels along the shoreline that worked tirelessly in the wee hours of the morning to keep the idea of ‘paradise’ alive. And among it all, for a paltry week, there was myself.

I joined the ranks of these various groups, became a regular at Starbucks where I grabbed a vanilla late, and took it to go, finding a dimly lit sitting area and wrote tirelessly in my notebooks. I watched with bated breath as dusk finally revealed sand, surf, bent palm trees and as the scent of flowers seemed to grow even more fragrant.


Early morning writing in Maui

I would make my way in a happy daze back to my room and it was time for a second cup of coffee.

As you guessed it, even in paradise, I made my cappuccino. My cousin brought his French Press and I brought the stove top espresso maker. Only one problem, there was no stove in the suite.

I did have a 4 cup coffee maker. Hey, when roughing it, you have to make due, right?

Make due we did. Most mornings we gathered in the communal living area and toasted the day with our capus. I decided the first night, upon receiving my first drink with an umbrella that every drink I had while in Hawaii would be done so with an umbrella.91

So if you can swing it, a capu on a lanai in Maui is always a good idea.92