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On my birthday some friends invited me to meet them Downtown Boise at a place called Guru Donuts. Now, I’ve driven by the joint, I’ve seen the folks from Guru selling their wares at Saturday Market and I just wasn’t…into it.

At the Saturday Market, their donuts had words like Vegan, and the Guru thing, and then there were words like whole wheat and hipster and honestly, it’s not my thing.

But I had the invitation so why not check this Guru Donuts place out.

My first stop was a quick check on line to see if they served coffee, sure enough, they have a full espresso bar. Good enough, let’s go.

Guru Donuts is located at 204 N. Capitol Blvd, just a block from the Capitol Building.

The place is inviting, that’s for sure. A giant pink frosted Donut hangs above the door and under that the tag line “we make donuts holey.” There was quite a line up for a Friday morning, but if truth be told, I’ve driven past this establishment on Saturday mornings and the line is always intense.


It is a large space. You walk through the door and are greeted by a colorful assortment of donuts. There is not clutter, just a delicate balance of wood and modern décor that mixes well in the high ceiling space.


Guru Donuts shares a building with Boise Fry Company, I wondered how that would work and if there would be a battling odor, a strange mixture of sorts that didn’t seem to fit, but just like vegan and donuts don’t seem to go together in order to make something satisfying; the Boise Fry Company and Guru Donuts are complimentary rather than at odds.

The first thing about both companies is that they are both wildly dedicated to supporting locally grown and produced items, obsessively so. Guru uses local products, which means high quality ingredients and they are proud to partner with socially conscious and sustainable companies. They make fresh batches of donuts daily.

All their hard work has paid off, because there really is a community feel to this little donut shop. A feeling of local pride and hard work that is paying off.


The assortment of Donuts are creative and I must admit I got a kick out of the names, it enticed the writer in me. Peanut Buddha Jelly Thyme, The Hipsterberry, I have a Dreamcicle, Party Girl.

The detail for each donut was intense as well. For example one of the January flavors is called Tamarind Margarita which is made with lime juice, orange juice, grand mariner, tequila and fresh tamarind with a hint of cayenne topped with candied spiced citrus peel.

Holy crap, that is an awful lot of dedication, creativity and joy to bring the simple donut to that level of creativity.

But how do they taste?


In honor of my birthday, I figured I’d order the Birthday Cake Crumb donut, a raised donut dipped in Madagascar vanilla bean glaze, dunked in homemade birthday cake crumb.

It…was…awesome. Tasty, it curbed that donut yearning my taste buds had. I also tried the Party Girl, an old fashioned cake donut glazed with strawberries and champagne. Delightful and light. The blueberry fritter made with their own hipsterberry jam, blueberries and hipster glaze chopped into their vegan dough. If that is vegan, then folks in this world are doing something right, especially the folks at Guru. The few times I’ve tasted something vegan it was an exercise in eating lifeless cardboard. This was NOT. It was…well…a blueberry fritter.

So I suggest the donuts, but the coffee. How does it measure?


The folks at Guru sell Mapps coffee. It’s from Hailey, Idaho. Mapps is “the next generation from Hailey, Idaho-based coffee roaster, Grace Organics. This family run operation has artfully roasted coffee for over twenty years in Idaho… (and) expertly crafted a delicious espresso blend just for Guru.”

So I figure let’s give the Guru Barista a try and of course ordered my cappuccino. There was no question of wet or dry, and if you are a reader of my blog, you know that is a good sign.


Donut and cappuccino came out and I must admit, it wasn’t half bad. (The heart was becuase it was my birthday).  It was the perfect temperature, a very good foam to milk to espresso ratio and it all just hit the spot. So much, that I orded a vanilla latte when I finished my first coffee all too quickly.


Strangely, and perhaps a little unexpectedly, I will be returning to Guru Donuts soon. It’s another on a list that seems to be compiling itself, of places where you can go and enjoy yourself and know that you are getting good food, good ingredients, great coffee and at the same time, supporting the local community.

Hours are Monday – Friday 7m to 4pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am to 4pm.