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IMG_20160127_184244I stumbled upon a new coffee shop that was open quietly over the holidays. It’s called Hyde Perk and I’ve become a regular customer over the past two months. I know, I know. I’ve been going to a new coffee shop for TWO months and haven’t said a word. Well, you see, I’ve been trying to write about this shop, but at the same time, I want to keep this one to myself. It’s already over run in the mornings, but hey, I love coffee, you love coffee and I really admire the folks at Hyde Perk so let me tell you about this pleasant surprise.

IMG_20160127_184640A few blocks north of Downtown Boise Idaho on 13th street is a small neighborhood known as Hyde Park. It’s about four blocks long. The area houses a collection of antique stores and restaurants.  The buildings reflect the charm of the turn of the century America. I was driving the street when I saw the sign for the coffee shop.

The family run shop is in the space where the Hyde Park books store was previously.

There is a very welcome vibe upon entering the shop. A giant black and white mural of 13th Street covers the wall from floor to ceiling on the right. There is a bench along the mural lined wall. Several tables are set up in front of the bench. The chairs are mismatched, not drastically so but in a homey sort of way. There is an industrial feel to the décor, but not as if the folks at Hyde Perk are trying too hard.IMG_20160127_184427

There are little touches throughout the shop that add to the welcoming vibe. Matching pillows propped up on the bench. An eclectic collection of cups hand on the wall for in house coffee drinkers.

20160217_092921There is a really nice balanced menu of breakfast sandwiches, pastries, oats and gluten free offerings. The prices are quite reasonable. All of these elements mixed together might be the reason that Hyde Perk hasn’t stayed a hidden gem.


As for my cappuccino, it was quite lovely. If I’m being honest, it wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, but it was in the top ten for the Boise area. I’ll  continue to fight to find my free space in the mornings at Hyde Perk, so join me won’t you?