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I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity the past few years to explore the city of Florence. I am still a tourist, but in a very strange way, I know more than the average tourist because of the family I have in that town. And because said family is kind enough to take me to so many different places, I get to try sooo many different cafes!

But I don’t rely on family alone. I still love to immerse myself in the culture, I love heading out by myself, taking the bus and just seeing where the day will take me. I’ve worked my ass off over the past six years to learn the Italian language and I try to use it as much as I can!

So this past summer, that luck kicked in again and I was able to visit Florence once again. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that when I’m in Florence, I indulge, fiercely, in my cappuccino addiction. For example, I got off the plane and with bags in hand, headed to the café in the airport for my first Italian Cappuccino. And yeah, I got a little misty.20160623_095112

Of course, there was a trip to my favorite, Marcello Pasticceria!

This time, I was able to try some new cafés in some areas of town that were new to me as well. One of my new favorite, was called Cesare Pasticceria.


It is off the beaten path of the tourist, however, with the rise of Airbnb, it is worth mentioning. You never know when you’ll have the opportunity to stay a little outside of the Historical city center of Florence. And if you do, I highly suggest you take the time and experience life like a local.

Cesare Pasticceria is located in an area of Florence called the Campo di Marte. This is considered the heart of sports area of Florence. A few blocks from the Pasticceria is The Artemio Franchi Stadio, where the Fiorentina soccer team play. That means public transportation to this area is abundant!img_1600

We visited Cesare on a Saturday about 9am. With the rest the neighborhood. To put it simply, this place was packed! Still, we were able to grab a table after we ordered our pastries and cappuccinos. The pastries were dreamy, puffy, buttery goodness surrounding delectable Chantilly cream. Melt in your mouth kind of stuff. But the trick to Cesare, you have to go early. Before 10:30am we were told. They sell out of pastries quickly, and rightly so.

Cesare Pasticceria is a typical Italian bar, which means you can find pastries for breakfast, sandwiches (pannini),  as well as a light lunch menu, and appetizers to go with the full bar that is available after about 5pm.

Because it is not in the center of the city, there is no extra fee for sitting at the tables. Most locals still stand at the bar and quickly drink their coffee, but it was nice to take time and soak up the Italian morning and the characters that surrounded me.

Of course, soaking up some pastries and two cappuccinos wasn’t half bad either.img_1600-2