img_20161123_094331Did you know such a thing as National Espresso Day existed? Neither did I.

In honor of the bold, creamy coffee and it’s celebratory day, it seems only right we raise una tazzina (an espresso cup).


Espresso has been around since the early 1900s and got it’s name “thanks to the technology used to make the dark, rich brew, which is “pressed out” and tailor made ‘pronto’ for its consumer.” According to the National Espresso Day website.

Espresso, the technology behind the machines that brew it, has a long and rich history. The tall and short of it, pun intended, was that coffee was a big business in Europe. “But coffee brewing was a slow process…Seeing an opportunity, inventors across Europe began to explore ways of using steam machines to reduce brewing time – this was, after all, the age of steam.

Angelo Moriondo of Turin, Italy is credited with creating the first machine that could brew coffee quickly. While Luigi Bezzera is credited as the father of espresso.

So raise a cup and for a moment appreciate the history of your coffee drink.