I’ve been in the middle of coffee limbo lately. That sounds like a weird existential crisis, doesn’t it? It’s not that I’m not having any coffee. That would be crazy. It’s just that the coffee I am having has been at some of my usual favorite places, Flying M, Coffee Studio, JanJou. But most of the time I was in my own backyard.

And when time came about to visit with friends, most of them ended up coming to my house. Which meant that we’d find ourselves outside in the shade of an umbrella, surrounded by the flowers, drinking one of my own homemade cuppa’s.

I am feeling the tug once again to get back to my coffee ramblings and have several new shops to write about. So stay tuned. And in thanks for hanging in here with me, and because if you are reading this then you, like myself, probably love pretty pictures of coffee. Here’s a retrospective of my summer, done in pictures of cappuccinos.