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Zero Six Coffee Fix is a coffee shop close to my heart. You see, a while back I worked at a coffee shop with some great people. One of those people was Jeannie Jackson, and Jeannie is the dynamic, vibrant, hardworking woman behind this new coffee shop that you need to check out ASAP. (In my humble opinion.)

Earlier this year, a friend told me to stop by and go see what Jeannie’s been up to. I didn’t know she had bought the space we’d once worked together. When I first walked into Zero Six several months ago, tears formed. It isn’t every day you get to walk into someone’s dream. Jeannie and I hugged the way long-lost kindred spirits do. Then she took a break to tell me her story.


While Jeannie and I talked, every other customer that came into the busy shop waved and stopped by to say hello to her. In turn, Jeannie never faltered to call each customer by name and inquire after little details of their lives. “Is your daughter feeling better?”  “I heard about your promotion, next drink is on me.” Jeannie’s energy and warmth are infectious. But this was her dream. This sense of community and a place of belonging that she wanted to create for her customers is what she’s been striving for as long as she can remember. “I knew I wanted to be a barista when I was 13. I knew I wanted to own a coffee shop when I finally became a barista. And I knew, no matter what I did in life, I wanted to have a business that allowed me to give back to my community.”

That’s how amazing Jeannie is!20171108_085653.jpg

When you walk into Zero Six, homemade clouds that light the sky behind the coffee bar are among a few of the little touches that make this shop a laid back and welcoming space. Jeannie, her green tinted hair wound in a bun atop her head, waves customers forward with a friendly greeting. She knows everyone and customers who are new, quickly find themselves a long-lost friend.

What’s in a name, you might ask? Well, in Boise area, the zip codes start with 837xx and the area where Jeannie set up shop is in 837″06”. Thus, Zero Six Coffee Fix.

20170220_151047The space Zero Six occupies off Parkcenter and Mallard, was once a Moxie Java. (That’s the coffee shop I worked.) Jeannie was the manager then. Moxie sold to Café Capri and finally, Jeannie realized her dream when she purchased the business.

Zero Six quietly opened their doors in August of 2016 and since then Jeannie has worked hard to incorporate her dynamic style which is reflected in the decor, how she runs her business, the staff she’s hired, and the way she interacts with her customers.

“I love people. I love my customers. I even train my employees to remember that they don’t always know what other people are going through. We might be the only person who says something nice to a customer on a rough day, and it might make all the difference in the world.”

20170220_150731-e1510782539149.jpgZero Six serves regular lattes and mochas, but the extended menu is made up of fun specialty drinks. A lot of them named by die-hard regulars (The Pillow Talk). Some drinks are named for baristas (The Shake Ya Mullet Mocha) And some drinks are pulled from popular books: The Butter Beer, of Harry Potter fame.20170220_134125

*Note to anyone reading this who live in the Boise area: This Butter Beer, this damn drink was my first introduction to Zero Six and all the wonderful things Jeannie’s up to. It’s a mixture of cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg and butter. (You read that right, butter!) Oh My! Listen, if you head over to see Jeannie and crew, order this concoction first!

Among the delightful drinks are pastries the staff make fresh every day. Brown sugar peanut butter cookies and French Toast muffins are a few of the favorites. They also sell homemade breakfast burritos and goodies from Sugar Whipped and Zeppole, a Boise  bakery.IMG_20171116_094437

Jeannie sells kitschy goods that fit the experience that is Zero Six. Strange doll-head planters, animal necklaces, and coffee cups with detachable Barbie arms and legs. Local artists sell their wares in the shop as well. The jewelry is made by Earthen Temple. Crocheted coffee cozies by Amanda Oris and Leather Sleeves with the Zero Six logo are made by Jason Rose. Jackson also sells EMC Sugar,  natural beauty products, as well as ceramic mugs made by Mike Sowers.20170220_151102

*Another side note: One of my favorite items for sale are watercolor prints by Mary Lou Orndorff. Mary Lou was a customer when I worked in the shop years ago. She does these wonderful paintings of everyday life in Boise and I’ve always loved her work.img25The community that has supported Jeannie is important to her. If owning her own coffee shop was her dream, another underlying part of that dream was to give back. “I’ve always had this idea of giving back to the community I love so much.” You see, Jeannie grew up in the Zero Six (83706) zip code. She went to the high school around the corner, her first barista job was down the road and she lives in the same area today.

“I want to better the life of those around me, for people to be reminded that life is good.”

Jeannie is doing that with each cup of coffee.

She does that by offering space for local artists to have showings of their work.

She supports the school across the street from her shop and their art program, among other areas.

She has helped raise money for worthy causes.

She and her staff take a percentage of sales from the previous month and spend it in the community. How? They pay to fill people’s gas tanks, pay for people’s groceries, or cover the charge of someone’s dinner. Sometimes it’s an anonymous gift; sometimes they inform the receiver of the good deed by leaving a business card that reads “You’ve been Zero Sixed.” This card is also good for one free drink.IMG_20171116_094455I could go on and on. The shop is always packed, people are always laughing. The food goes fast and the smiles come easy. The baristas are more like family.  There is always something going on, an idea in the works to make Zero Six a better place. So it would seem Jeannie’s vision, a good cup of coffee for good people, is a dream that’s working.

Want to see what’s going on at Zero Six, check the crew out on Instagram and Facebook.