34I am a coffee loving fiction writer. I am enamored of a great cup of coffee. I write for several local magazines and always end up reviewing coffee shops. So I thought, why not start a blog dedicated to my love of the roasted bean. I thought it would be fun to have a place to talk about the pros and cons of the cafe’s I’ve been to and at the same time, give me an excuse to try even more. The places I choose are usualy on a whim, no one pays me to reveiw them, I do it for myself, for my friends, and in an effort to find a great cappuccino.

My biggest passion when it comes to coffee is the Italian Cappuccino. That’s what I hold my standards to when I talk about the capus I drink.

I live in Boise, but my travels take me to Rome, Florence, California and beyond. So eventually, I’ll get around to my favorites in those areas too.

This is my pet project, my just for fun. If you like my writing style, come check out more of my every day meandering at Nicolesharpwrites.com.



2 thoughts on “About”

  1. This type of project has been on my mind recently as well. I am a coffee loving poet. I am going to AWP in LA at the end of the month. Can you suggest any great coffee spots there?


    • Maria, thanks for checking out my blog. Yes, coffee is close to my heart. I grew up in Orange, so the coffee shops I would suggest are out of the way from Downtown LA, but I have friends who tell me I need to go check out a place called Verve Coffee when I’m in LA next. Good luck, have a wonderful trip!


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