Cappuccinos in Italy


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View of Florence, Italy

I had the chance to visit the land of my favorite Cappuccino last month: Italy. While I have a few more places to review in Florence once again, I also ended up taking pictures of each of my capus. I couldn’t help it. I mean, I felt strange doing it, but then when I got home and was able to show off my photos of my trip, the ones of the cappuccino’s got a lot of oohhhs and aahhhhs from friends.I mean, sure the photos of the Tuscan countryside got some pretty rave reviews, (and if you’d like to see those pics and hear more about my trip, you can hop on over to my website or click here!)

But now for the things you’ve come here for and what I intended to put down here today.

Oh…my pretty pictures of cappuccinos. Continue reading


Le Giubbe Rosse


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IMG_1721In the heart of Florence, in the Piazza Repubblica is a café called Le Giubbe Rosse. It was once a gathering place for intellectuals and liberals. In fact, the name itself comes from the red shirts that were worn by Garibaldi’s army during the Italian unification in the 19th century. Today you’ll find red-coated waiters, which is supposedly a lingering sign of the red shirts of old. Continue reading

Slow sorry…


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CYMERA_20130725_220114I have slowed down on this blog considerably. And there is no excuse. Other than lack of motivation on my part perhpas. The good news is that I have a few things up my sleeve once again and will be back to you shortly.

In the meantime, my love for coffee hasn’t stalled. I continue to visit my favorite haunts and revel in what they do so well. So I thought perhaps I would share a few sigh worthy pictures with you.

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Hyde Perk


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IMG_20160127_184244I stumbled upon a new coffee shop that was open quietly over the holidays. It’s called Hyde Perk and I’ve become a regular customer over the past two months. I know, I know. I’ve been going to a new coffee shop for TWO months and haven’t said a word. Well, you see, I’ve been trying to write about this shop, but at the same time, I want to keep this one to myself. It’s already over run in the mornings, but hey, I love coffee, you love coffee and I really admire the folks at Hyde Perk so let me tell you about this pleasant surprise. Continue reading

Guru Donuts


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On my birthday some friends invited me to meet them Downtown Boise at a place called Guru Donuts. Now, I’ve driven by the joint, I’ve seen the folks from Guru selling their wares at Saturday Market and I just wasn’t…into it.

At the Saturday Market, their donuts had words like Vegan, and the Guru thing, and then there were words like whole wheat and hipster and honestly, it’s not my thing.

But I had the invitation so why not check this Guru Donuts place out.

My first stop was a quick check on line to see if they served coffee, sure enough, they have a full espresso bar. Good enough, let’s go.

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